Be a Leader—Be a Lambda Chi.


Not all skills can be developed in a classroom. Lambda Chi Alpha excels at offering an environment where leadership skills can be perfected.

With 12 officer positions on the High Zeta, several standing and ad-hoc committees, as well as delegate positions to the General Assembly, Lambda Chi Alpha provides ample opportunities to develop leadership skills.

The High Zeta (Chapter Offices)


High Alpha


Dylan J Scott


No office provides a greater opportunity to impact the experience and development of the chapter brothers or the security and future of a Zeta than the High Alpha. The tenure in office can often be marked by numerous challenges and periods of frustration. However, it also promises the opportunity to experience remarkable success, fulfillment, and even joy, as well as the possibility for considerable personal growth.


High Beta

(Internal Vice President)

Chase Browndorf


Chapters place confidence in a High Beta’s ability to direct and inspire the brotherhood, which impacts every aspect of a chapter’s atmosphere and operations. Brothers look to the High Beta for opportunities to continue to grow in their relations to one another and in values-based teachings of Lambda Chi Alpha. A High Beta must remember that his responsibilities include, not only the development of programs to enhance the internal involvement of each brother, but also to be an example of the values and ideals that our brotherhood teaches.


High Theta

(External Vice President)

Carson Harais


The High Theta can make significant contributions to a chapter’s reputation on campus and to the way in which the community views Lambda Chi Alpha and fraternities in general. Lambda Chi Alpha’s brotherhood has a long tradition and a commitment to the idea that serrving others is a significant expression of our Ritual and our investment in altruistic activities.


High Gamma


Carson Crow


The High Gamma is entrusted by the chapter to keep the records of its deliberations, decision, and activities. In a very real way, records are the building blocks of a chapter’s history, recording and documenting for the future, the important developments of the present. The High Gamma serves as the recorder of his chapter’s history, which will shape future generations of Lambda Chi Alpha brothers who view what is accomplished during each tenure in office.


High Tau


Tom Fusillo


The High Tau has the chapter’s financial security firmly in his hands. The chapter brothers have expressed confidence in his ability to manage the chapter’s resources in a thoughtful and prudent fashion. While the day-to-day activities associated with this office, fiduciary responsibilities may at times seem repetitive and unimportant; however, the High Tau should be ever mindful that his stewardship will greatly impact the stability of the chapter’s future.


High Iota

(Risk Manager)

Drew Butler


Few positions require more thoughtful planning, leadership skill, or personal courage as the High Iota. The High Iota has been given the responsibility to guard the integrity and safety of his chapter and brothers in all of the activities that his fellow officers will plan. A High Iota’s ability to enact this responsibility with consistency and integrity will define his role as a Faithful Steward on whom the chapter’s reputation and security will depend.


High Kappa

(Fraternity Educator)

Adam Rettig


The High Kappa is perhaps in the best position in the chapter to influence the overall direction and spirit of the organization. An office with a tremendously responsible role, the High Kappa is in charge of teaching and sharing with our new members our organization’s values. Any long-time High Pi can tell a High Kappa that it only takes one or two years of poor Fraternity Education to set a chapter on a downward spiral. A High Kappa has an opportunity to reach out to each off our new and existing members and make sure that they gain the knowledge and experience needed to be a productive brother.


High Delta

(Recruitment Chairman)

Matthew Stipek


The High Delta is perhaps the best position to affect change within your chapter. The True Brotherhood Initiative’s greatest focus is on the area of recruitment. You should ever strive to bring into touch with the fraternity those individuals whose personalities, ideals and attainments are such as would make them great brothers of the bond.


High Phi


Jack Ceverha



The High Phi advises the chapter on all matters pertaining to our ceremonies and ensures they are performed in the proper manner


High Sigma

(Scholastic Chairman)

Ethan Head


Everyone in a chapter came to school to learn, to grow, and to prepare for pursuing goals and ambitions for the rest of their lives. Sometimes brothers forget that academics are the most important priority in their undergraduate careers. The High Sigma’s role is to keep the importance of this priority firmly and consistently enacted in the chapter and its programming. The High Sigma’s success will not only enhance a chapter’s reputation for scholarship, but will help to ensure the future accomplishments of each brother.


High Epsilon

(Social Chairman)

Esteban Chavez


The High Epsilon is entrusted by the chapter brothers to plan a range of activities designed to create an atmosphere of fun and play, while enhancing a chapter’s reputation and supporting the cultural development of each individual in the chapter.


High Rho

(Alumni Chairman)

Tristan Watson


The High Rho links chapter members to our many alumni brothers and reconnects our alumni with each other. He ensures that the undergraduate brothers realize Lambda Chi Alpha is a lifetime commitment and prepares them for the post-graduate world. To this end, the High Rho’s regular contact with alumni brothers will provide opportunities for alumni to serve as role models for our undergraduate brothers. The ultimate goal of the High Rho is to strengthen the lifelong nature of the brotherhood so that alumni of the fraternity are eager and willing to improve the college experience of their undergraduate peers


High Pi

(Alumni Advisor)

Kevin Farrell


This position will provide an opportunity to nurture the skills of the officers with whom he will work while simultaneously allowing the High Pi to impact their personal growth and development. This is a remarkable opportunity for an alumni brother to not only enhance the success of a chapter’s programs and operations, but also to impact the lives of young brothers who will look to the High Pi for advice, support, and direction. The High Pi's example will provide an important role model for these men and will be a concrete testimony that Lambda Chi Alpha is a lifetime commitment to our brotherhood and its ideals.

Other Chapter Offices



Executive Committee

Kevin Farrell

Dylan J Scott

Chase Browndorf

Tom Fusillo

Jeremy Shahan

Adil Virani -Alternate